Five Element Austin

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Remote Session with Lindsay (Donation Based) - $85
These sessions will involve talking with the patients, offering acupuncture pressure points unique to each individual and specific to their element, using moxa for immune boosting and teaching personalized qigong exercises for each patient's specific needs. Will also be providing distal energy work (medical qigong). Please let me know if you will be using FaceTime or Google Hangouts. This is donation based!
Initial treatment (New patient) - $310 (call for appointment)
The initial appointment is 2 hours as it involves a through intake off all your medical history. We also will be during 2-3 treatments on your first visit to get your system on the right track for all subsequent treatments.
Current Patient Treatment - $160
Treatment will involve acupuncture (with cupping and Qigong if necessary and if time is available).
Initial treatment (Student) - $210 (call for appointment)
Current Student Treatment - $110
Current Patient - $240 (call for appointment)
If you would like a session longer than an hour, this allows us more time to connect and do supplemental treatments such as Cupping and Medical qigong. Please email me or call to set up a longer appt.
Teacher and Healthcare Practitioner Discount - $145
Weekend session rate - $240
Please call or email Lindsay if you would like to schedule a weekend appointment (based on availability).